Our Vision

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Through Public education and civic engagement of the communities on the benefits of the five pillars to them once they are integrated, the organization envisions a peaceful, democratic and prosperous Africa.

Our Core Values

We believe that people are our greatest assets and that recognizing their values, as well their contribution to the development of Africa is essential and paramount.

We respect differences by valuing unique contributions from different ethnic back grounds and encourage that we treat every human being with value and dignity.

We believe in adhering to high ethical principles and standards, so as to ensure doing the right thing, at the right time and for the benefits of the communities and the organization we serve.

Probably this is the major core value that inspired the co. founders of this organization because, they believed in having courage and honesty to urge people to be responsible citizens, which might in the long run lead to opening up of societies on the continent so that they can start to demand for an accountability from their leaders and representatives.

We are committed to carefully utilizing human, natural and financial resources as well as making sure that they all foster the goals of the organization and the communities they are intended to serve.

Elbert Einstein said; “only a life lived in the service to others is worth living”. At Watch Democracy Grow we extend God’s care and love by promoting human values (dignity, compassion, equality, fairness) and public health.

we believe that African has a lot of resources to be taped; therefore, we encourage creativity, innovative ideas and professionalism in all our community engagement endeavors.